Culinaria: 1947—1989

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Romanian Cook Book

Anisoara Stan, The Romanian Cook Book. More than 450 recipes of new and delectable dishes from the land famous for its culinary art. For gourmets and all who love exquisite cooking., Citadel Press, New York, [1951?].

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Alte ediții

Anisoara Stan, John Teppich (ilustrații), The Romanian Cook Book. More than 450 recipes of gourmet dishes from the land famous for its culinary art., Castle, New York, [an lipsă]. ISBN 089009604X.

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Note bio-bibliografice

De pe coperta IV a cărții de bucate din 1951:

Every Romanian girl, rich or poor, must serve her apprenticeship in the kitchen with mother or grandmother. Anisoara Stan, a native Romanian from Cluj, province of Transylvania, began studying the art of Romanian cooking as a very young girl. Later, while traveling throughout the length and breath of Romania, she learned all the native cooking secrets which had never been written down. When she came to the United States in 1922, she won the acclaim of many prominent Americans for her exquisite dishes. She was urged to put her unusual recipes into a book so that all lovers of good food could enjoy the mouth-watering wonders of Romanian cooking. This book is the product of a lifetime of devotion to a great culinary art.

Madame Stan is also a nationally renowned folklorist and folk artist. She is the creator of a plan for the establishment of an ethnographic museum to house the art and culture of the nearly 40 million people of foreign backgrounds in this country. Madame Stan is the author of They Crossed Mountains and Oceans in which she describes the folkways of Romania.

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